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Cavalinho de Baloiço - Music video

César Mourão
“Cavalinho de Baloiço” is César Mourão first theme and is now available on all platforms. Homembala directed, illustrated and animated the music video.



Video Credits:

Production company: HomemBala
Creative Director: Pedro Gonçalves
Animation director:
Nuno Gonçalves
José Vieira, Nuno Gonçalves, Carlos Marques
Art Direction: Diana Oliveira
Diana Oliveira

Music Credits:

Lyrics and music: César Mourão
Co-produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by João Bessa in 2021 at Miramar Studios.
Composition and lead voice:
César Mourão
Music production, arrangement, electric and acoustic guitar, nutshell and mellotron programming:
Guilha Marinho
Drums and Percussions:
Jaume Pradas
Nuno Oliveira
Acoustic piano:
João Rato
Patricia Silveira and Patricia Antunes

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