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Change Makers

Commissioned by the Dutch NGO RNW Media, “Change Makers” is an animation film about those young women and men who live in fragile or repressive states, usually going through civil unrest and conflict. These young people often represent the majority of their country’s population, yet they’re ignored and denied crucial information and services.

In a co-production between HomemBala and AIM Creative Studios, this film promotes the activism of RNW Media in powering online and offline platforms that help people speak freely and find the information they need to make informed choices. Working directly from Africa, the Middle East, India and China, RNW Media uses a great diversity of communication channels to spread ideas and stimulate social changes, linking communities and change makers, encouraging young people to form opinions and influence society.



Client: RNW Media
Narrator: Natascha Jacobsz
Scriptwriter: Brandon Oelofse
Art Director: Inês Morais and Rui Pereira
Advisors: Femke Blickman, Jennifer Bushee and Mijntje van Kemenade
Directed by: HomemBala & AIM Studios
Creative Direction: HomemBala & AIM Studios
Illustration: José Teixeira

Additional Illustration: Pedro Gonçalves
Character animation: José Teixeira
Animation 2D: Nuno Gonçalves
Animation 3D: Nuno Gonçalves, José Fernandes and José Teixeira
Additional Animation: Daniela Carvalho, Zé Vieira and José Fernandes
Music and Sound Design: Tambourine Sound Design

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