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Nos Mueven Tus

Banco BiG
Video for the launch campaign of Banco BiG in the Spanish market. The visual idea of the film is based on the triangular shapes present on the brand logo that resemble the origami technique. The goal was for the origami animation to be realistic, three-dimensional, and for the texture and folds of the paper to be visible.



Client: Banco Big
Agency: Shackleton
Creative Director: Santiago García
Design: Joana Abreu
Copywriter: Rubén Pazos
Voiceover: Roger Pera
Production: Gabriela Nogueira
Production Company: HomemBala
Creative Direction: Pedro Gonçalves and José Teixeira
Director: Nuno Gonçalves and José Teixeira
Project Manager:
Pedro Gonçalves and Teresa Gaspar
3D Models:
Marcos Morais and José Teixeira
2D Animation:
José Teixeira, Nuno Gonçalves and Zé Vieira
3D Animation:
José Teixeira, Nuno Gonçalves and Marcos Morais
Diana Oliveira
Music, Sound Design and Post-Production:
Tambourine Sound Design

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