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Video Mapping  for TimeOut Market Dubai

TimeOut Market

TimeOut Market Dubai challenged us to create an animation to map in one of the tallest buildings in the world - Burj Khalifa. This film aims to celebrate and promote the opening of the new TimeOut market in Dubai.
Our challenge wasto create a storytelling that represented the energy of the market and its diversity.



Client: TimeOut Market
Production Company:
Project Manager:
Marina Botelho and Teresa Gaspar
Creative Direction:
Pedro Gonçalves
José Teixeira - Bandido, Zé Vieira, and Diana Oliveira
Design and Illustration:
Diana Oliveira
2D Animation:
José Teixeira - Bandido
3D Animation:
Marcos Morais
3D Models:
Marcos Morais
Music, Sound Design and Post-Production:

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