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Love Around The World

What if you could fly happily ever after? That was the motto for a campaign promoting Skyhour and Honeyfund's referral program which allows honeymooners in the US to travel around the world using Skyhours with the help of their wedding guests. The same way these two companies are flipping the way people honeymoon and travel, we too decided to turn a familiar love story into a modern tale of romance at 30.000 feet. The result? Love is now literally in the air. 



Client: Skyhour
Production: Homembala
Directed by: Nuno Gonçalves - HomemBala Creative
Direction: Nuno Gonçalves - HomemBala
Narrator: LThomas
Scriptwriter: Ricardo Henriques
Illustration: João Guapo
Additional Illustration: Pedro Gonçalves

Type design: Nuno Alves
Animation 2D: Nuno Gonçalves
Additional 2D Animation: Zé Vieira, Jay (João Pedro) and Check it out!
Animation 3D: Marcos Morais and Nuno Gonçalves
Music and Sound Design: Ergonoise

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