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EURO2020 London

The 16th edition of EURO will be hosted in thirteen cities across Europe and we were asked to produce a film introducing each one of them. Here is London.



Client: UEFA
Agency: Young & Rubicam Portugal
Creative director: 
Hélder Pombinho
Tiago Menezes, Bernardo Neves and Bernardo Majer
Managing Director: 
Pedro Gonzalez
Project Manager: 
Inês Batuca
Production Companies: 
Nebula Studios & HomemBala
Executive Producers: João Marchante and Pedro Gonçalves
Nuno Gonçalves and Guilherme Afonso
3D Modelling: 
João Batista, João Pires and Rafael Sousa

3D Animation: João Batista, João Pires, Rafael Sousa and Sebastião Lopes
Light Setup & Render:
João Batista and Miguel Madaíl
2D Animation:
Nuno Gonçalves, Zé Vieira, Marco Boto and Rafael Sousa
Music Composition:
Tambourine Sound Design
Sound Design:

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