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The best of the city
under  one roof

TimeOut Market
How does Time Out Market manage to bring the best of the city together under one roof?

Let's start at the beginning. The team at Time Out Magazine had a simple, but brilliant, idea: to expand upon the thousands of reviews and unparalleled expertise on what the city had to offer, and to create a physical space. To bring all of their favourites together, from the trendiest Michelin star chef to the oldest grocery store in town. And so Time Out Market was born – a curated experience with the best of the city all under one roof.



Client: TimeOut Market
Voiceover: LThomas
Scriptwriter: Tiago Viegas - The Hotel
Art Directors: Hugo Neves and  Pedro Gonçalves - HomemBala
Creative Directors: João Cepeda and Nuno Gonçalves - HomemBala
Production Company: HomemBala
Directed by: Nuno Gonçalves - HomemBala

Creative Direction: Nuno Gonçalves - HomemBala
João Guapo
Additional Illustration:
Pedro Gonçalves
Animation 2D:
Nuno Gonçalves and Zé Vieira
Animation 3D:
Marcos Morais, Nuno Gonçalves and Zé Vieira
Music and Sound Design:
Tambourine Sound Design

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