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Explore sustainability in action

The Economist launched a challenge to create the new film “Explore sustainability in action” for the Siemens brand. The main idea was to have a continuous camera that goes in and out of scenes as if we were traveling in the film. In this way we were able to demonstrate this idea of a cycle in action.



Client: Siemens
The Economist
Production: Stefan Georgiou - The Economist
Creative Director: Ibs Ajayi - The Economist
Production Company:
Creative Director:
Pedro Gonçalves and Nuno Gonçalves 
Director: Nuno Gonçalves
Project manager:
Pedro Gonçalves
Art direction: Diana Oliveira
Illustration: Diana Oliveira
Character design: Pedro Gonçalves and Bandido
2D Animation:
Nuno Gonçalves and José Vieira
3D models and animation:
Marcos Morais
Sound Design:

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